Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Review

Avenger’s Infinity War was touted as the biggest crossover of all time (certainly in movie terms) but there’s no doubt that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is truly the biggest crossover of all time. Marrying characters from Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, and many more, SSBU has a character for everyone.

The first area SSBU shines is shear content. Feature an extensive and entertaining single player campaign, players will be kept busy for hours with crazy and unique brawls. From the floor is lava brawls, to fighting 8 Squirtles, and to the brilliant Street Fighter area, Nintendo have really outdone themselves this time around. Along the road of the single player campaign players also unlike the massive roster of characters to play in SSBU, and this is where the game truly shines.

SSBU features a roster of over 60 playable brawlers, with more to be added in future character packs. Some of those brawlers are actually mulitple characters such as the Pokémon trainer, and the Duck Hunt duo. The best part is that each character feels different, and has their own specific abilities and ultimate finishing moves. Combat is both simple and complex. Easy to pick, but very hard to master, but once you start to edge guard properly, and land your first spike, you’ll really start to feel awesome and appreciate the subtle mix of accessibility and skill the combat offers.

Multiplayer online has been flawless for me so, in terms of connection issues, lag, etc. but my win loss ratio hasn’t been so lucky. The search options for games are not concrete and are more of a preference so you’re not guaranteed to get a 3 stock, 7 minute, no items match, and some players have reported issues of getting the polar opposite to their selections, but these are hopefully just teething issues that Nintendo will resolve soon.

It’s hard to find any negatives about the game because it appeals to the fanboy in me, being able to fight Solid Snake vs. Ryu, but one area I think Nintendo could improve upon is their tutorial system. While the game is simple to pick up, there’s no real interactive tutorials, and instead players will need to read and search various “notes” about the games and all the little features it has to offer. These are extensive which is both a positive and negative, and a video or interactive tutorial would certainly make certain concepts easier for players to understand.

Really I’m nitpicking though because I like this game so much. In fact, I’m going to finish up here and go play some brawls with my boy Luigi (who will always be number 1). Let us know what you think of SSBU. See you in an online match sometime!


  • A whole lot of content
  • Unique fighters
  • Solid online multiplayer


  • Tutorials a little lacking


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