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StartSaveLoad.com is a video game website which focuses on most aspects of the world of gaming, and was founded in 2015 by Chad Kinsella with the help of our friends at PlayStationer.net. We strive to provide our community with the latest news, reviews and coverage on everything gaming, while placing the utmost importance on quality, design and the people.

StartSaveLoad.com is based is Dublin, Ireland, and is backed by an amazing team who have a great passion and dedication for their work, and the drive to assist the site in achieving great things. It is our goal to not only provide great content for gamers, but to connect with our users and form a great community of like-minded individuals.

We are always looking to grow and expand, so if you think you would make a great addition to the team, head on over to our Jobs page, or if what you are looking for isn’t there, let us know, as we are willing to facilitate anyone who wishes to help us out.



Meet The Team

About Us
Chad Kinsella
Jack of All Trades
Chad founded StartSaveLoad.com in January 2015. He is a software Developer by day and a gamer by night (sometimes the Batman too). Chad writes news, reviews, creates videos and pretty much likes to dabble in all aspects of StartSaveLoad.com


About Us
Alexander McGill
Operations Manager

Alexander is the Operations Manager for both Start Save Load and our sister site PlayStationer.net. He ensures everything across the site runs smoothly, works closely with the team to ensure they are well equipped and helps plan for the future of the sites.


About Us
Francis Mahon
PlayStation Editor
Fran oversee all things PlayStation. He is normally found evaluating the latest releases or posting news. He oversees all the site’s PlayStation editorial, and ensures the quality of content remains consistent.


About Us
Ciarán Pempelfort
PC Editor
Ciarán is the PC Editor for SSL. When Ciarán is not building a new PC, he is busy playing a MMO or teaching n00bs a lesson in Battlefield.


About Us
Xbox Editor
Insert witty description about Gary here.


About Us
Wez Evans
Video Editor / Reviewer
Wez is a gigantic man-child with a deep-seated love for games and a passion for all things nerdy. Having studied interactive digital media, animation, and multimedia, he’s a huge fan of story-telling, innovative ideas, and listing things in threes.


About Us
Patrick Lambe
Paddy is our Online Communications Manager (OCM). He manages all our content distribution streams from Facebook to Twitter and looks after our community, he also deals with any PR communications.


Dianne Hillery
Writer & Reviewer

Dianne is a review machine. She loves sharing her thoughts on the latest games and enjoys playing Indie and RPG games.