Month: April 2016

Dark Souls Boardgame has Raised Over £1.5 Million

The Dark Souls Boardgame has been live on Kickstarter for less than a week and it has already raised over £1.5 million and shows no signs of stopping. The board game which will be based on the popular video game franchise will see players navigate their way through various locations discovering loot, levelling up, improving their gear, fighting bosses, and of course dying… presumably a lot. ...[Read More]

Kerbal Space Program – “Major update” 1.1 released

  Developers Squad have released version 1.1 of the science’em’up Kerbal Space Program. The major change is a move to 64 bit Unity 5 which should allow players to mod the game even more extensively due to increased maximum ram usage. Other features include a new user interface, the KSPedia and new tutorials and scenarios to help players get to grips with the game’s concepts....[Read More]

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